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Our Gas Stoves Are Helpful In Cutting Cooking Energy Cost and Enhancing Look of Kitchen Spaces.

Modern buyers, while buying gas stoves, generally consider four points- type, heat control, size and brand. For modern buyers, we, Poonam Industries, pay attention to aforesaid consideration factors which is why we bring forth a large variety of gas stoves in the best or standard sizes, having excellent heat control and fuel saving power. Our Fancy Gas Stove, Stainless Steel Gas Stove, Brass Burner Gas Stove, Marvel Glass Gas Stove and a host of other gas stoves are high efficient burners that possess uniform holes for even spreading of heat. Each stove is hi-tech in design that supports in firmly placing of wide materials of utensils.

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where we produce gas stoves in a large quantity and timely complete customers urgent orders.

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